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NHL players visit Great Wall before rematch

2017-09-23 13:41

NHL players from the Los Angeles Kings and the Vancouver Canucks visit the Great Wall in Beijing on Sept 23, 2017, to take a break from their tight schedule in China.

Digit's winning equation for women

2017-09-22 07:23

As one of the winningest coaches in elite women's hockey, Digit Murphy knows a thing or two about molding successful teams on the ice.

NHL primed for China push

2017-09-22 07:47

The inaugural NHL China Games-last night's 5-2 victory by the Los Angeles Kings over the Vancouver Canucks in Shanghai, and tomorrow afternoon's rematch in Beijing-marks the first time the NHL, celebrating its 100th anniversary this season, has played exhibition games in this country.

NHL taps China market, plays 1st preseason game in Shanghai

2017-09-22 07:30

Playing the first NHL game in China, the crowd in Shanghai couldn't have been treated to a more fast-paced, physical show in the Los Angeles Kings' 5-2 victory over the Vancouver Canucks on Thursday.

How Swede it is for Arvidsson in Nashville

2017-07-25 07:43

The Nashville Predators are making sure they keep Viktor Arvidsson around, re-signing the forward who made the second-biggest scoring jump in the NHL last season to a seven-year deal worth $29.75 million.

NHL comes at a cost

2017-07-25 07:43

Chinese hockey fans will shell out big bucks for the best view of flying pucks in Shanghai and Beijing next month.

Penguins rediscover firepower

2017-06-10 07:11

PITTSBURGH - The Pittsburgh Penguins didn't waste any time pulling the trigger on Thursday night.

Pens ponder shot shyness

2017-06-01 06:55

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania - The winning team went nearly two full periods without a shot. The hottest goaltender in the playoffs was only tested 11 times - and lost.

Pens draw first blood

2017-05-31 07:08

PITTSBURGH - For most of Monday's opening game of the Stanley Cup final, the Pittsburgh Penguins rarely tested the NHL's hottest goaltender.

Naturalizing China's talent search

2017-05-17 07:29

Chinese hockey is opening its arms to overseas talent in order to bolster the men's and women's national team rosters through naturalization.

Marc of excellence Pittsburgh's ace in the hole

2017-05-17 07:29

PITTSBURGH - Mike Sullivan calls the energetic back-and-forth on the Pittsburgh Penguins bench "a man's argument".

United Arab Emirates women's player lives dream with Caps

2017-02-10 09:34

When Fatima Al Ali first started playing hockey in the United Arab Emirates, she skated with young children half her size.

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