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  • Olympic torch to bypass Taiwan

    2007-09-22 08:35

    The torch relay for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will not pass through Taipei, a BOCOG official said Friday night. No new condition for torch relay

  • Olympics-Quit cussing, spitting, littering

    2007-07-25 20:30

    The people of Beijing have been asked to rid themselves of bad habits and clean up their language as part of improving the city's environment ahead of next year's Olympic Games.

  • China reports cases of Olympic trademark violations

    2007-06-14 21:46

    Chinese inspectors have uncovered 1,556 cases of violations involving Beijing Olympic slogans, logos and other trademarks, a state media report said Thursday.

  • FBI willing to help China with Olympic security

    2007-06-13 22:54

    A deputy director of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States on Wednesday said the FBI is willing to offer its expertise to China on security issues relating to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

  • China medical chief warns against over-training

    2007-06-13 19:32

    China's Olympic medical chief has warned the country's coaches not to train their athletes into the ground after a spate of injuries to Beijing 2008 medal hopefuls, state media reported on Wednesday.

  • China probes child labour claim

    2007-06-11 19:29

    Beijing Olympics organisers vowed on Monday to come down hard on any cases of children being used to produce merchandise for the Games.

  • Recycling can help the environment

    2007-06-08 19:26

    China laid out a national plan to combat climate change, just days ahead of the G8 summit, where President Hu Jintao is discussing environmental policies.

  • China unveils more Olympic coins

    2007-06-07 23:42

    China will unveil on June 20 a second set of gold and silver coins to commemorate the 2008 Beijing Olympics, said the country's central bank.

  • Successful games start with volunteers

    2007-06-06 18:52

    A plan was released Wednesday that outlined key tasks that the Beijing Olympic Committee (BOCOG) needs to do in order to have the best possible personnel available for the Olympic games.

  • More than US$3b to be invested in pollution control

    2007-05-31 19:47

    Beijing will continue huge investment in pollution control one year before the Olympic Games opens in the Chinese capital.

  • Rogge satisfied with preparation for Games

    2007-05-30 23:21

    Visiting International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge said here Wednesday he was satisfied with the preparation work by the Chinese government towards the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

  • Official: Beijing house prices to remain stable post Games

    2007-05-17 10:47

    With Beijing's real estate prices rising nine percent in the first quarter, fears that property prices may nosedive after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games are building.

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