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  • BOCOG promises top press facilities

    2006-08-11 06:30

    Foreign reporters have been promised the same unfettered access they have enjoyed at other Olympics while covering the 2008 Games.

  • Yang: I'll make my best contribution

    2006-08-11 06:30

    Yang Lan, a well-known TV host in China, was one of the image ambassadors of Beijing in its 2008 bid in January 2001. She has been involved in Olympic-related activities ever since. In an interview with China Daily reporter Xiao Ma, Yang shares her moments, both happy and sad, in helping the country achieve its Olympic dream.

  • Welcoming 2008 Games with fun Xiao Guang

    2006-08-11 06:30

    At a park bordering the middle section of the East Second Ring Road in Beijing, some 200 children and adults were playing diabolo on Tuesday morning amid cheers from onlookers.

  • Traditional sports showcase diversity

    2006-08-11 06:30

    Special activities were held across Beijing earlier this week to mark the two-year countdown to the opening of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

  • Beijing residents worried about ungracious

    2006-08-08 16:59

    Ungracious behaviors such as spitting and jumping queues became the top concern instead of pollution and traffic congestion among many Beijing residents with the Beijing Olympic Games only two years away.

  • Vegetables to get Olympic identity codes

    2006-07-19 13:46

    The world's most populous country will now begin tracking its vegetables

  • Olympic wind woes may force longer event

    2006-07-18 11:37

    An extended racing schedule may help solve the problem of worryingly light wind conditions in Qingdao, venue for the 2008 Olympic sailing events, said Hong Kong team coach Rene Appel

  • Beijing to curb budget flats in Olympic zone

    2006-07-13 11:44

    Beijing will restrain the construction of budget apartments in its Chaoyang District's Olympic zone, according to a development plan issued yesterday, Beijing News reported.

  • DV works promote green Olympics

    2006-07-07 17:26

    Beautiful scenery, a distinctive main character and a fluid story. Hollywood blockbusters costing millions of dollars are expected to have elements such as these, but when a short film made by a university student with a simple digital video (DV) recorder has them, too, it's worthy of note.

  • Yellow River diverted for Olympics

    2006-07-06 15:19

    Beijing may divert water from the Yellow River to guarantee water supply during the 2008 Olympics, a Chinese newspaper said on Thursday, as the world's driest major city ponders how to slake the thirst of 2.5 million extra people.

  • Beijing builds energy-saving projects for Olympic

    2006-07-06 10:41

    Beijing has initiated a number of projects using solar energy and recycled water for the 2008 Olympic Games, said an official with the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee here Tuesday.

  • China ready to produce rain for Olympics

    2006-07-03 14:44

    When he's not tending cherry orchards outside Beijing, Yu Yonggang can be found behind the twin barrels of a 37mm anti-aircraft gun, blasting shells at passing clouds.

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