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  • Story of Jack Gallagher – An extraordinary coach

    2008-02-03 09:04

    "If you were to take any of the great players on the world, and ask what the big influences on their lives were, they will start at the very beginning with a primary school teacher, a youth club coach – not necessarily someone in professional football but someone who set them on the right road at each point along their career."

  • Women referee: A hard job made harder

    2008-02-02 14:05

    What is it like to be not just a referee, but an international woman referee? To make it even more difficult, a Muslim woman referee in an African country?

  • Thailand's twin futsal stars

    2008-02-02 14:05

    Ekaphan and Ekapong Suratsawang from Thailand have joined the ranks of Thailand's sporting hero twins. The 21-year-olds are stars of the national Futsal team: Futsal is the official FIFA version of five-side football and has become Thailand' favourite sport.

  • Amputee football: A life without limits

    2008-02-02 14:03

    Horrors enough are generated by war but, occasionally, man's ability to rise above them generates powerful examples of inspiration which reach far beyond the immediate battleground.

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