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  • From Harbin with love

    2009-03-04 15:00

    With only one women's ice hockey team registered in the country, China notched a significant breakthrough in the sport last week by picking up a silver medal at the Winter Universiade in Harbin.

  • Russia rules biathlon, history made at Winter Universiade

    2009-02-28 21:10

    Russia, good at cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, not only jumped over traditional biathlon powers including Belarus and Ukraine, but also posed threat to the host on the overall gold medal tally.

  • Final medal table at Harbin Winter Universiade

    2009-02-28 18:34

    Following is the final medal table after all competitions at the 24th Harbin Winter Universiade here on Saturday

  • Now you ski me, now you don't

    2009-02-27 10:05

    China's skiers continued battling for survival and some precious international exposure at the Winter Universiade yesterday after years of getting accustomed to living in the long shadow cast by the country's speed and figure skaters.

  • China dominates women's 1,000m speed skating

    2009-02-25 17:11

    Chinese women skaters again excelled on the oval here Wednesday as Japan's Nao Kodaira came out the only foreigner in top five of the women's 1,000 meters speed skating at the 24th Universiade.

  • Aerial freestylers on cloud 9 after Harbin heroics

    2009-02-25 11:11

    China's freestyle aerials skiers plan on turning their newly proven supremacy at the sport into Olympic gold medals at the Vancouver Winter Games next year.

  • Asian athletes make golden haul at Winter Universiade

    2009-02-25 10:39

    The Asian athletes made their best to collect a lion's share of the gold medals on offer at the Harbin Winter Universiade on Tuesday.

  • China reap gold harvest in Harbin

    2009-02-24 11:21

    China's winter sports athletes have won a record 11 gold medals at the ongoing Winter Universiade in Harbin after only six days of competition.

  • China on top of Harbin Winter Universiade medal table

    2009-02-24 09:04

    Thanks to a hat trick feat made by China's short track speed skaters, the hosts stepped on top of the Harbin Universiade's medal table for the first time here on Monday.

  • Swiss jumper injured in Universiade training

    2009-02-24 08:50

    Jan Peter of Switzerland was seriously injured in the training of the freestyle skiing men's aerials of the 24th Winter Universiade here on Monday.

  • China wins first title of Universiade speed skating

    2009-02-23 18:20

    China's sprint specialists of speed skating finally lived to their names here on Sunday as Yu Jing and Zhang Shuang finished 1-2 in the women's 100 meters at the Harbin Universiade on the slow start of South Korea's super talent Lee Sang Hwa.

  • Official: Universiade brings Harbin closer to Winter Olympics

    2009-02-23 15:04

    The on-going 24th World Winter Universiade is giving the host an experience of organizing world-class sports games and making it closer to bid for the hosting of a Winter Olympics in the future.

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